Space Adventures Await: Carnival Jubilee's Exciting New Offerings for Kids!

Launching on December 23rd from Galveston, Texas, the Carnival Jubilee promises an unforgettable adventure for kids with its array of new and reimagined experiences.

In the mesmerizing Currents zone, children can unleash their creativity by designing their own sea creatures, which magically come to life on LED screens resembling virtual aquariums.

Partnering with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Carnival introduces a space-themed wonderland inside Camp Ocean, where young cruisers can embark on interstellar adventures from the comfort of their own spacecraft.

For teens, the expanded See The World program offers immersive cultural experiences like the Panagbenga Festival, complete with a vibrant flower parade and hands-on jewelry-making activities.

As the sun sets, Night Owls Camp Out keeps the excitement alive with outdoor challenges, fort building, and campfire sing-alongs, ensuring endless fun under the care of Carnival's dedicated youth team.

And for a whimsical start to the day, the revamped Dr. Seuss Breakfast, featuring a birthday bash led by Thing 1 and Thing 2, celebrates individuality with new menu items, activities, and music, setting the tone for a day of Seuss-inspired adventures at sea.

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