Discover Your Dream Down Under: Avanti Destinations Expands to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji!

In response to growing demand from travel advisors, Avanti Destinations is set to introduce its inaugural packages in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, commencing in September.

Avanti, renowned for curating tailor-made independent vacations exclusively through travel advisors, will unveil a collection of eight meticulously crafted itineraries. These will encompass three enticing options in Australia, three in New Zealand, and two in Fiji, offering a diverse array of destinations, activities, and accommodations for travelers to choose from.

Paul Barry, CEO of Avanti, emphasized the extensive range of components available for advisors to customize vacations, boasting an impressive selection of 222 hotels and 280 activities and experiences. He highlighted the enduring appeal of Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, noting their popularity among American travelers due to the prevalence of English as the primary language.

To assist travel advisors in navigating these exciting destinations, an e-brochure will be accessible on Avanti's dedicated portal from September 12, accompanied by a comprehensive webinar scheduled for August 31. Subsequent webinars focusing on each country will follow in October, November, and December, coinciding with the anticipated return of flight capacity to pre-pandemic levels.

Avanti's meticulously curated vacation packages range in duration from four to sixteen days, promising unforgettable experiences tailored to every traveler's preferences.

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