AirAsia Skies Witness Another Unusual Passenger: Snake Encounter Causes Stir Among Travelers

Chaos unfolded during a recent domestic AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Phuket when passengers spotted a live snake in an overhead bin. This incident marks the second occurrence of a snake on an AirAsia plane, reminiscent of a previous incident in February 2022. During that incident in Malaysia, a spotted python was discovered on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah, leading to the aircraft being rerouted to Kuching International Airport.

Videos and photos from the 2022 event went viral on social media, depicting the snake slithering through the plane's light fixtures. Addressing the recent Phuket incident, Phol Poompuang, head of corporate safety for AirAsia Thailand, emphasized that such events are exceptionally rare. A passenger notified flight attendants of the small snake in the overhead compartment, prompting the crew to relocate passengers as a precaution.

Upon landing in Phuket, the aircraft underwent thorough inspection by engineering and safety teams, following standard procedures for such incidents. The airline ensured a deep clean and fumigation before resuming operations to prioritize passenger and crew safety. While the statement did not specify the snake's type or its fate after landing, a viral TikTok video captured a calm response from a male flight attendant, attempting to capture the reptile with a plastic bottle. The incident showcased the crew's professionalism in handling unexpected situations and maintaining passenger safety.

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